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NANY 2020: ISMONISM - search Start Menu (or any folder) for 'missing' entries

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Ah, that time of year again. Finally found time and inspiration to work on this...

- Adding icons to the list view makes the search process really really really slow when I tried that. The alternative: showing the icon of the selected item below the 'Start search'-button.
-Winkie (January 14, 2020, 09:20 AM)
--- End quote ---

Well, did both. If you want nice, but slow: icons are possible as an option.

Release: ISMONISM v0.5.0 (2020-11-30)
[Add] Possibility of icons per row in the ListView if an item has one. (thank you Darthagnon)
[Add] Option for icons in the ListView.
[Add] Show larger icon for focused ListView-item.

         See screenshot with icons on GitHub.

[Add] Checkmark in settings GUI for AppData/ProgramData application data folders as search folders.
[Add] Creation of SQLite database with search items (all files and shortcut-targets with matching extensions are stored while searching).
[Add] Option to keep 1 database.
[Change] Move settings file to 'Data' subfolder.
[Add] Option to start with saved database results.
[Add] Do not overwrite existing shortcuts when creating new ones. (If shortcut XYZ.lnk already exists, the new one will be named XYZ (1).lnk and so on.)
[Add] 'Do next' options at dialog after creating shotcuts.
[Add] Menu entry to open 'personal folder' in Windows Explorer.
[Bug fix] Minor bug fixes.

Planned: save up to 10 databases. Let's hope for a shorter release cycle for that :-\.


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