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NANY 2020: scss-loop-template-processor


NANY 2020 Entry Information
Application Name scss-loop-template-processor Version v1.2.0.0 Short Description Process SCSS (css preprocessing) @for loops to @each loops including only used classes. Supported OSes Any OS that runs .NET 4.7.2 (only tested on Windows) Web Page scss-loop-template-processor on Ath's DCMembers site Download Link from above DCMembers page System Requirements
* Command-line or script
* .NET 4.7.2 or newerVersion History
* - December 2019 - Cleanup code, added this documentation, prepare for NANY 2020 release
* - November 2019 - Added enable/disable-lines-start/end processing
* - October 2019 - Working as intended
* - October 2019 - Initial developmentAuthor Ath

During development we use many generated classes for 'pixel-perfect' alignment of page elements.
(The proprietary platform used doesn't allow for direct html or css tags to be applied on elements, only classes can be applied, and to override previous, platform-standard, css often !important needs to be added to the css.)
Both the template and the generated output are @include'd in the files proveded to the scss compiler, but those from the templated are disabled by using an @if that is defined in the template-output to be false on second evaluation. During development the template-output is a (nearly) empty file.

Process a template with a set of numeric-postfixed constants to replace @for loops by @each loops intended as scss preprocessing, to reduce the number of generated css classes.

Planned Features
None at the moment, requests accepted.

Command-line tool, so no usable screenshots... :-[


* Unpack the zip file
* Provide a list of classes with a numeric postfix
* Provide a scss template with @for loops
Using the Application
Run from a command-line or use in a script.

Remove the unpacked files (no configuration is saved anywhere).

Use in a script as a step before releasing a web application having scss files included.

Known Issues
None so far.


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