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freeware reader?


What is a good freeware reader for amazon ebooks for a laptop with windows 10?

Maybe......... Amazon Kindle for PC?

I've just discovered that my excellent but vintage text-to-speech MindMaker, TextAssist 4.0 works in Windows 10; all you have to do is to highlight and copy the desired text, paste it into a blank Microsoft Office Word 2003 (or newer version) .rtf, .txt, or .doc file window, and it plays the text. BTW, I have my own complete purchased download copy of MindMaker TextAssist 4.0, but it does not seem to be available anywhere as a download anymore.

This may be a downloadable link, but I did not join in order to test it;
It may be abandonware by now.

When I clicked on the big rectangular green 'Download' button, it gave me this pop-up mssg; 'Would you like to install Software Informer Client and receive up-to-date information about TextAssist and other programs?'
I really feel chary of the words; 'install Software Informer Client', so I left it alone.


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