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NANY 2020 - 1 Key Browsing


NANY 2020 Entry Information

Application Name:1 Key BrowsingVersion:0.79Short Description:Adds single letter navigation to Firefox and Chromium browsers.Web Page: Download Link: Download Link: Requirements:Windows 7 and later plus Firefox or a Chromium based browser.Source Language:Compiled AutoHotkey scriptAuthor:mat2016

For users who sometimes spend much time just browsing articles, news, etc., these shortcut keys can come in handy. This app is inspired by qutebrowser and some of the vim add-ons for Chrome and Firefox. It is less complicated than those.

More information is available on the program's web page.



Very nice, will try later.

Very nicely done :Thmbsup:

Question: can we have configurable Global Key configuration? (or the ahk source to customize it myself) I have a conflict with ctrl-shift-F for the TabSearch plugin, I've been using for 'ages' and I've become quite accustomed to :huh:

Yes, at the bottom of the Blog page is a link to the source code.

Hi, love this so far :up:
(I'll call it QK)
Using a German qwertz keyboard, so will probably have a go at changing ones involving the []\;

QK has been disabled in the tray, presumably because of some key combo I pressed (I was testing the keys).

* Insert key does not enable it [edit]Ins key now toggles QK -- not sure what happened there [/edit]
* Ctrl; does not exist on my keyboard -- has to be CtrlShift;
* Double click icon does not enable
* There's no option on context menu to enableAhh, okay, I see I have to change it to Heavy Browsing again...

It seems to recognise when I'm in a text field and automatically turn off? Is that possible ?
Or is it that e.g. H (Shift+h) or 'e' do what is requested *and* turn QK off ? (which would be logical...)


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