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Broken icons for 64bit programs

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Faziri, it might help mouser if you explicitly say if the beta version fixes the original problem with .lnk shortcut to 64bit also on your PC.

I just noticed another broken icon, but it seems to be a diffferent problem.
-Faziri (December 28, 2019, 08:58 AM)
--- End quote ---
I can't reproduce that. On my Win 10 PC .lnk files in

--- ---C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\or its subfolders show correctly in FARR.

Is the new icon issue you describe only happening to "Spek.lnk" ? Or for all .lnk shortcut files in that folder?

>  it might help mouser if you explicitly say

We were in touch via email, no worries.

And yeah, only for spek.lnk. Attached the exe and shortcut (spek.alias = spek.lnk). This seems to be a different problem from the original, but it also only happens in farr, so...
Broken icons for 64bit programs

So I figured out the problem; there's nothing wrong in farr, but the program installer. The icon path for this shortcut was set to `%SystemRoot%\Installer\{7CDF6754-F5A0-4F34-B589-197530FEF862}\ProgramIcon` — instead of the relevant exe/ico/dll path — which is actually the icon as shown. So false alarm, sorry. Very strange installer behavior.

happy ending  :P

Confirming that icons work for 64bit applications also in the as of now latest beta.

By the way, I now noticed that FARR also accepts these ways of setting an icon from any absolute path (not sure if new or not)

--- ---/ICON="C:\test\test amazon.ico"
/ICON=C:\test\test amazon.ico
I like that we can use absolute paths. But that is not yet documented in the beta version of this help file page

BTW my first hunch was that using /ICON without doublequotes around the absolute path could cause problems, but I acually didn't find any conflict case. For example this combination of special frontslash alias syntaxes does not cause a problem

--- ---/ICON=C:\test\test amazon.ico /hint="test hint"


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