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Syncovery Pro 50% off at BitsDuJour - Today 19thDec19

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BitsDuJour announced: "Deal Coming Soon!"

This promotion includes the following:
Syncovery for Windows - Professional Edition ($29.95)
Syncovery for Mac - Professional Edition ($29.95)
Syncovery for Linux - Professional Edition ($29.95)
Syncovery for Mac & Windows - Pro Edition Family Pack ($59.95)

If you order the Family Pack for Windows & Mac which can be used on up to 5 computers, you are entitled to request a Linux license by emailing [email protected]

awesome software.  recommended here on dc years ago, and ive been using it for a long time.  Pretty complicated, but super reliable, and one of the most active developers on the planet.

Ok, the deal is on TODAY, 19th December!!!

The deal has been extended another day and expanded to the Premium editions too (see comment section on BDJ)

Thoughts on Syncovery -- Upgrade pricing and the different versions available:

I probably should have gotten this BDJ at the time:
I have an older license (over four years old). The upgrade system is clearly explained and seems fair enough: I paid ~60€ at the time, I get 25% of that off of the current price.

But the version I have has 'file system monitoring' -- in order to get that now, one has to buy the Premium version which is 99$/€
That's too much for my current (minimal) usage, even at 50% of that I'd have reservations.
OTOH I think I had to upgrade once in over ten years usage, and the support is excellent.
Will decide when the next bdj offer comes around :-)


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