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NANY 2020 - Ducky (A Simple Dock)


Application NameDuckyVersion1.0.0.0Short Description A simple dock.Supported OSes   Windows 7, 8, or 10Download!iJE3VIiC!B062ObJp9ve9vjgf8ig4A9BGqiTUAMkLr-ZJR-UPPdUVirusTotal   GrumpyCoder
This is a simple dock. Drag and drop any executable or shortcut on the main window and it will be added as a button which you can use to launch it later.
Right-click the button if you want to remove it. You can move on the window horizontally by dragging it from the small orange stripe on the right.
Also, you can right-click on it (orange stripe) to show the settings window.

History - Initial release

NANY 2020 - Ducky (A Simple Dock)

Glad to have another NANY entry!  :Thmbsup:


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