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laptop temperature fluctuations

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I take your meaning to be that spinning the fan blades the wrong way can ruin the fan.
-holt (December 17, 2019, 11:43 AM)
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That might be what he means, but the pragmatic approach I took was:
1. If the fan runs on a frictionless (magnetic field) bearing (as seems to be the case)
2. Then running it backwards for short periods is not going to hurt it.
3. - but only IF the laptop battery has been removed, so there is no possibility that you will be forcing the fan to run backwards (by reverse suction) when it could already be running in the correct operational direction under battery power.

I haven't broken anything so far... :o

What about a few shots of Duster in intake or exhaust; 'canned air'?

What about a few shots of Duster in intake or exhaust; 'canned air'?
-holt (December 18, 2019, 03:42 PM)
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Clean dust/dirt off the motherboard and other parts as you proceed inwards, using the paintbrush and vacuum cleaner on low suction. Using CO2 pressure cans to blow the dust off is arguably a waste of time as it tends to redistribute a lot of the dust (along with your money).
-IainB (December 14, 2019, 09:05 AM)
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You need to remove the dust with a suction device.

Cleanliness is important. Dust and dirt are generally enemies of electronic or electromechanical devices, typically leading directly or indirectly to shorts or tracking in the former and shorts and/or friction problems in the latter.

re: SpeedFan
1) I don't understand what the 'Automatic Fan Speed' option does when selected; does it enable SpeedFan to have variable fan speed control? If not selected, does the laptop run the fans at top speed all the time? IOW, should I want the 'Automatic Fan Speed' option to be checked, or not?

2) All the other readouts vary realistically from about 28C to occasionally 50C to 55C.

3) However, I have one readout, 'Temp 2', which on boot and startup of SpeedFan from Desktop, always immediately shows 127C (261F) temperature, and switches to 38C for one split second about every two to five minutes, then spikes straight up to exactly 127C again.

I think the following SpeedFan home page FAQ page may have the answer, where it says this:
How can I identify my CPU temperature?
As a final note, please remember that not all available temperature sensors are actually connected to something. If you happen to read unusually high or low temps, they are likely to be from a disconnected (unused) temperature sensor.


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