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laptop temperature fluctuations

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I vacuumed air intake; no change or improvement in SpeedFan over-temp readout.

The laptop has a 5-year warranty through; I suppose that opening the back ccver plate might void the warranty. If so, might my only option be to just keep using it until it quits? Then the only bummer is rebuilding all my peripheral software in a new machine.

I vacuumed air intake; no change or improvement in SpeedFan over-temp readout.
-holt (December 15, 2019, 11:33 AM)
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In that post I try to explain why you see such fluctuating temperature values.

Usually there is a model number on the bottom of the laptop. Chances are that there are more than one video showing you how to dismantle your laptop model. In my experience, HP is adequate in delivering manuals for their laptops. Manuals that include all the steps to dismantle your laptop. Reverse these steps in the order as described in their manual and you should be up and running again without issues.

Depending on the model of laptop, it can be the case that you need to remove the whole cover before you are able to upgrade RAM or hard disk. if so, you are in luck. The manufacturer designed it so that it should be relatively easy to remove the whole cover and you'll have the benefit of easy internal cleaning without voiding warranty. If you have a model laptop where RAM, hard disk etc., each have their own separate small cover plate, then internal cleaning is more of a hassle. Just look at the bottom of your laptop and you'll see it right away.

As I understand, your laptop is from HP, they are more often than not designed to be serviceable. Except for their low-end consumer models. If you have a business model laptop (from any brand), serviceability is always better than for their consumer model laptops. In general, if you are in the market for a laptop, get a business model. Sure, they might not look as "flashy" as a consumer model, and likely have a slightly higher purchase price, but when it comes to maintenance and (tech-)support, you will be much better off in the long run.

I downloaded & installed HP Support Assistant.
I have a Model HP EliteBook Folio 9480m; Product number L2G98UC#ABA; maybe 1 1/2 years old.
HP 9470m Disassembly and fan cleaning video.
Disassembling an Elitebook HP 9470m (full disassembly not necessary but gives better lighting & visual clarity).

edit: re: Review HP EliteBook Folio 9470m Ultrabook
It says in summation near the bottom; "The fan can be cleaned easily."

Edit: I will try the vacuum cleaner to air intake port, as per IainB's ^'overheating or noisy fan' post.
-holt (December 15, 2019, 03:06 AM)
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Note Shades's comments in related thread re static and being careful not to force fan blades to turn the wrong way.
I have used vacuum cleaner inside a desktop computer: I worked barefoot and half covered the nozzle with my fingers to minimise chances of static building up.
-tomos (December 15, 2019, 04:01 AM)
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I take your meaning to be that spinning the fan blades the wrong way can ruin the fan.  :Thmbsup:


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