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Mouser's Media Browser v2 - Dec 30, 2019

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I have browsed many folders containing image files and 'GoTo' menu is always inaccessible (Windows 8 here).
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Oh! Maybe that's a bug then.. it should add each folder each time you go to a new one.. Maybe I need to reimplement that menu.

Yes, the thumbnails become very big. The only workaround I could find to restore the thumbnails size was to delete settings file ('MousersMediaBrowser.ini').
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When I tried to reproduce it was just changing the size of the region.. you can drag it back to its normal size which will resize the thumbnails..

Can anyone else on Windows 10 let me know if the GoTo menu autopopulates with folders as you change your root folder, and exit and restart?  Trying to figure out if I need to rewrite that code.

Win 10 1809 GoTo remains inaccessible

Goto menu populates as expected on my win 10 1903

Can those who weren't seeing GoTo menu populate try the new beta.  It uses a new system.  You can also now manually edit the GoTo list in the options (it will also auto populate it as you open new BASE folders).

Download beta:



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