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Mouser's Media Browser v2 - Dec 30, 2019

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This will be a small utility for browsing directories containing images.

I decided to make a standalone utility that could be used as a helper for other tools, like my other NANY (Automatic Screenshotter).

It will start out with a fairly simple feature set but there is plenty of room for improvement.

Key feature:

* Lots of viewing modes to find the one that works best for you.
* Option to show recursive contents of folder tree (with search filtering and sorting)
Note that there are excellent powerful free image viewers/browsers (irfanview, xnview, etc.), and it would be foolish to try to compete with these.  My aim here is to make a more streamlined, focus helper utility.

Mouser's Media Browser v2 - Dec 30, 2019

Mouser's Media Browser v2 - Dec 30, 2019

Mouser's Media Browser v2 - Dec 30, 2019

Mouser's Media Browser v2 - Dec 30, 2019

Mouser's Media Browser v2 - Dec 30, 2019

v2.0.1 - Dec 30, 2019

* [Improvement] Recent Folder list now can be edited by hand in options; hopefully solves some people not being able to access it.
* [Improvement] Settings file location shown in about box.
* [MajorFeature] New virtual date tree.
* [Bugfix] Fixed superfluous directory rescanning.
* [Improvement] Remembers last selected file.
* [Improvement] Shows file comments for selected file.
* [Improvement] Added virtual tree options for starting with expanded nodes, and showing a node for each day of the month.
* [Improvement] Better behavior inside folders where new screenshots are being added live.
* [Improvement] Improvements to thumbnail sizing and thumbnail sizing options.
* [Improvement] Image dimensions shown in statusbar.
* [Improvement] New age filter.
* [Improvement] Faster scanning speed.
* [Improvement] Dramatically increased sorting speed.
* [BugFix] Exiting while running scan was needlessly slow.
* [BugFix] Searching with sort by date sometimes didnt sort some images.
* [BugFix] Was reporting wrong folder search count.
* [BugFix] Sorting was not always being performed properly after scanning.
* [BugFix] In large folders after sorting, sometimes thumbnail showed wrong image.
* [BugFix] Alphanumeric filename sort was case sensitive.
* [Improvement] Reports scanning progress on large (recursive) directories and allows cancellation of scan; especially useful for large recursive directory trees.
* [Improvement] Exponentially faster refresh after deleting files from large directories and refreshing after removed files.
* [Improvement] Faster easier rename dialog.
* [Improvement] Program remembers last subfolder selected on exit and restart.
* [Improvement] Remembers selected image even after rescanning.
* [Improvement] New Action menu with items for delete, rename, browse, clipboard, etc.
* [BugFix] Switching root folder from GoTo menu would sometimes not update to show new folder contents.
* [BugFix] Mobile phone or other photos with rotation information are now auto-rotated to correct orientation.
* [BugFix] Better error handling if selected (or last) folder is missing.
* [BugFix] Ctrl-clicking on thumbnails would not toggle to unselect them
* [BugFix] Deleting a file left deleted image in viewer.
* [BugFix] Sometimes scrollbars were not being shown in large folders.
* [BugFix] When launching MMB with the folder commandline, it was first loading last folder.
v1.01.1 - December 29, 2015

* First release
* Thanks to DC member HamRadio for the icon!

Originally released as part of NANY 2016, see here:

Just after installing this (well, portable version) on my laptop (I did try it on my desktop, but a long time ago).
Cancel scan works, but recursive reading is very impressive:
it showed thumbnails quite quickly for a folder with almost five thousand files in a dozen or so sub-directories.

Where it is slow is deleting files: I ticked the option to not show the confirmation dialogue, and it's still very slow -- takes about five seconds.
I think it would be nice if the focus went to the next file when one is deleted (but not sure would everyone want that/if possible)

Twice so far it has shown the wrong thumbnail for an image.
Not sure why, in this example it is jpg files -- you can clearly see the wrong thumbnail (I think I may have deleted the file that is now showing in the thumbnail).

Mouser's Media Browser v2 - Dec 30, 2019

these files show correctly in SC -- sorry, I wasn't paying attention:
EDIT// the incorrect thubnail is a jpg file that exists -- it shows in SC but not in this app.
I can send you the file directly per email if you want mouser.

Yeah I'm guessing what's happening with the slow delete is that it's triggering a "rescan" of the folder, which is slowing things down substantially.. It's designed to detect changes in folders and rescan, but maybe i can fix that and make it smarter about when a file is deleted not doing a full rescan.

As for the incorrect thumbnail.. let me know if you find any more clues..

Looking at the code, I see that it's actually a bit worse than I thought -- when you perform an operation like a delete, it actually re-scans the entire set of files and then compares the new and old so it can do some updates of the thumbnails "smartly".. For small directory this yields a good result of minimal visual disturbance when the folder changes.   But what that means is that for a huge recursive directory, its going to be even slower than doing a full refresh rescan, without the ability to abort.

So.. I will put on my todo list some more sophisticated updating of the folder after changes.. For deletes it should be able to just instantly remove the files.. maybe i can detect renames and additions too.  But then in the worse case with a large collection of files I'll just trigger a normal refresh so you can at least abort..

Until then, I suggest folks avoid using the delete feature within the program when inside folders with hundreds or thousands of images, because of the slow speeds, at least one-off deletes (you can mass delete files pretty efficiently).


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