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Xnview vs. Irfan View

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hi rj-

we've been having a running discussion of the file open/save dialog box extenders.
see this post:

in fact we are going to do a review of them very soon.

sounds like you are one of us who couldn't live without such a tool :)
-mouser (August 26, 2005, 05:45 AM)
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Found that afterwards  :-/  Actually, I found a way round it for what I wanted to do.  That was, print out the first pages, only, of a series of PDF files.   Eventually I realised that all I had to do was point Total Commander at the directory they were in.  Because Acrobat reader is a known application to TC, all I had to do was Alt-Tab to TC, move the cursor down one, and hit Enter...  Later I discovered the freeware PDF Toolkit, so now I use pdftk to construct a new PDF file out of the front pages, and just print that complete.

pdftk - PDF toolkit

boy was i embarassed to find that out.-mouser (August 30, 2005, 12:33 AM)
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me too... & i've been using irfanview since earlier versions of 2.8x ;-)
anyway, thanks mouser...

best regards,

I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts regarding this topic now, since these posts date back to 2005. Both apps have changed. What do you think now?

I've switched to XnView entirely.
The background color for the 'cut' function is now settable, which was a bit of a pain before, and the print dialog is WAY beefed up from the version I was using.
It's still a little slow generating thumbnails of pdf files when you're viewing the contents of a folder and there are pdf's in there, but it's gotten faster as of a version or two back.

On the downside, the Linux version is a horrible-looking feature-less pile of mess that makes me wonder if it's even the same program.


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