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Xnview vs. Irfan View

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someone told me here on this forum (my apologies i can't remember who), that in fact there is a much much easier way.
so easy that im embarassed after years of use i didnt realize it.

the answer: don't click Save As..

just choose Save.

it wont save it over the existing file!

it acts exactly like save as except its in same directory as file.

boy was i embarassed to find that out.

carol,  i'm still in search of the perfect quick printing tool.

Carol Haynes:
I don't think there is one!

I have Adobe PhotoShop and you can do just about anything you like with that, but not without some effort.

There doesn't seem to be a cheap flexible printing utility for photos etc. that I can find. FotoSlat is OK but nothing terribly special and Shell Picture makes a stab at it and provides a quick (if somewhat dirty) interface for getting quick output.

If you find something let me know :)

i should say i LOVE the easy print app that came with my canon photo printer - i would recommend that printer to families and non-computer experts almost solely on the basis of that easyprint application.  a real gem.

Carol Haynes:
Yes it is a good app but there is no way (that I have spotted anyway) that you can mix and match formats on a single sheet or rearrange the layout of a sheet.

A really easy template builser would be the icing on the cake.

The other thing I find a bit frustrating with the Canon software is the CD/DVD disc printing.

The CD software is a bit basic (to say the least) but almost no labelling programs support direct print CDs (rather than labels).

I have tried to produce a suitable template for other software but it is really hard to get the disc accurately registered and every test means the plastic carrier comes out with wet ink over it and a duff CD. Plus every bit of software needs a slightly different template.

Having said that I shouldn't complain too much as I know my lovely printer can't print discs in the US because of the Digital Right brigade putting pressure on Canon to restrict that feature!


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