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Photo Collector on USB Stick


I have attempted to purchase a jump stick with a program called 'The Photo Stick'.  It is nothing more than a very expensive USB with a program to gather photos from your hard drive, phone, portable hard drive and other places.  Would someone consider writing a program which would automatically collect all images (mostly photos) in a similar way and store them on a jump stick?  My computer has crashed several times and files have been copied over to the new ones.  Each time, new folders are created and photos are stored in a different place.  It is really bothersome to try and find something in many different files.  I would like to collect them all automatically on one USB then transfer them to another hard drive in one file for permanent storage.  There have been many complaints about The Photo Stick failing to work and which cannot be undone.  Many are very happy with it but I am concerned about losing precious photos that cannot be replaced.  Thanks.


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