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Favourite youtube channels

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I spend more time in YouTube Premium than all the other streaming services combined. Interesting people making consistently interesting content is uncut brain candy for me:

Leah Shutkever -- this woman will eat anything; not a pretender like so many.

Shutup & Play Guitar Tutorials (relaxing to watching it played perfectly)

Hinkoki Cat -- Japanese family transformed their flat around the cats

Rick Beato on Rock Music, those who made it great, and why corporations killed it


Wolf Conservation Center (funny)

Atomic Tests Channel (Hmmm...)

Chris Stuckman Movie Reviews (If it doesn't have a story, it's probably going to suck)

Lock Picking Lawyer (like passwords, nothing is really secure)

74 Airline Pilot Explains/Debunks (trying to cure rampant idiocracy with regard to aviation)

Hi Zaine!

Thanks for resurrecting this thread, I was just thinking to add a few more channels to it.

Technology Connections discusses some of the cool details of common inventions, very watchable:

Techmoan, another highly watchable well produced channel where a guy reviews usually very old retro media (walkmen, videodiscs, etc.) technology and does serious discussion of its history:

On Cinema at the Cinema.  I think Tim Heidecker is one of the most brilliant comedians ever.  It's very dry long form humour -- most people won't like it.  But for me, it's some of the best that ever was.

[ that's just a short compilation it doesn't give you the real flavor of it.  Long playlist here: ]

How about asking about a channel?

I enjoyed the following about ice recently:

A bit weak toward the end -- lacking footage / images, but still fun.

Can't honestly say that the channel is a favorite as I've only seen one thing from it.

Does anyone watch this channel?

Strange Parts -
Steve1989MERInfo -

-c.gingerich (May 12, 2020, 11:50 AM)
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oh i know about the MRE channel who reviews those things, interesting

how could i forget the crazyrussianhacker who does the same thing:

What's with the British spelling of "favorite"? :huh: :P
-Deozaan (April 16, 2020, 02:14 AM)
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It's the best one. 8)


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