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Favourite youtube channels

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I stumbled upon this guy's channel today and have been addicted to it:

A couple of random videos:

He's a british tourist who knows russian very well and some other languages, and just heads off into the remotest villages in the soviet union, india, bolivia, etc.  And just makes friends.  He's fearless and just goes with the flow wherever he is..

I've been watching this series of AI-related podcast interviews by Lex Fridman, from MIT.. Some of them are incomprehensible cutting-edge physics discussions, but are still interesting.
Many of these interviews are with people who have been very influential in the kind of AI research that I was involved with -- people trying to understand big picture issues of how to build machine learning that works in ways similar to the way the brain.

I have been watching tutorials sbout privacy lately:

What's with the British spelling of "favorite"? :huh: :P

Steve Lehto - Lehto's Law:

History Buffs -

The Hacksmith -

I Like to Make Stuff -

MechMerlin (mechanical keyboards) -


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