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Simple Budget


Simple Budget
Simple Budget
Simple Budget
The idea of Ninject Budget is to do a simple job at keeping your budget each month you make expenses and add it to the Spent category, then you can easily see what is Left over
Put in your income and you can see how much is unallocated or not spent yet. At the end of the month you can carry-over what was over-spent and clear the rest. Pretty simple.
The idea was for a husband and wife to share a login and while on the road use the phone, so it is a mobile-first application.

Don't want to create an account? Try the demo account: username: demo password: demo123

What do you think?

hi relipse, thanks for this :up:
In order to use it I would have to figure out what I spend in various categories. Which would be a good thing, but would take time  (at least a month or two) and focus.

Seems an online app.

Is this the income statement sheet or is it the balance sheet?


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