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[REQ] VPN Gate OVPN Configs Downloader

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haha, thanks a billion highend01! :D

Hey highend01 I have a small request, is possible make the progress bar part of main window?

In the current way, the program have some "bugs"
* The progress window is always visible, even as we open other windows
* The 'Download servers' and 'Save config(s)' buttons are wasting window space
* Can look better ;P


A idea example

The same but inverted :P

You have the sourcecode^^

Use a progress bar instead and move the buttons...

I have not much programming skills, but by your words I guess is easy, maybe changing some "window" value by "progressbar" and moving the things in the source?
Well I will check then, but that, I don't have the skills I'd like, even with a "simple" language as AHK:P

And yes... I have not idea


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