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Mark/Highlight Many Different Rows in Text File


Suppose one has a long list of names, one after another, in a text file.

One wishes to delete a number of those.

The standard text editor will only allow you to delete one at a time, unless they are contiguous in the list.

Looking for a program that will allow 'marking' various rows, to then subsequently delete them.

Any suggestions appreciated.


Nicholas Kormanik

What about renaming the text file to a .CSV file and opening it in Excel or Sheets? You can then select and delete the rows you want.

Do you know in advance the names that you want to delete?  Or are you going through the rows anyway to find them.  Just wondering the use case, as if you already have to page through to select, you can delete a word/line pretty easily in many editors.

Thanks Chris and wraith808.  Using Excel does seem a viable option.  Able to copy/paste, or import, into a single column.  Then Ctrl-Click to highlight cells, as needed.  Hit delete -- which leaves blank cells.  All good.

And, no, haven't yet decided which ones to delete.  Need to look over, review, maybe another time as well.

Well, after searching for whatever alternatives might exist out there, lo and behold, Skwire nailed it.

Seems to do exactly what's asked for.

Still testing it out, but so far so good.


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