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Paint Shop Pro 7

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Maybe Windows 10 or 7-Zip, whichever is adding the option to mount the disc images, isn't quite as useful as DaemonTools, which 4wd says worked with it perfectly.-Deozaan (February 09, 2020, 11:31 PM)
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Windows 10 adds a Mount context menu item, ImDisk Toolkit couldn't mount it either, yet works fine with DaemonTools (Ultra in my case).

Mounted it with DaemonTools again and created an ISO, (which mounted fine using Windows or ImDisk), per image, downloaded on the left, created on the right ... ~42MB difference in size.

Paint Shop Pro 7

You can do wonders with PSP9's 'clone brush';
All content used in my post belongs to their respective owners, and if anyone complains, I'll be happy to delete this entire post;
Sparta Angel OA Mix
Sparta Angelic Base
edit: TinEye link

Which part of that is the clone brush? :huh:

Which part of that is the clone brush? :huh:
-Deozaan (February 12, 2020, 11:11 AM)
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The top two pix, #1 & #2, were all that I could find on youtube; both had unwanted writings, but in different places.

To get the initial pictures, in Windows 10, I grabbed my screen shots by pressing [logos + shift + s] in playback mode to hide youtube progress bar. Then I saved the two images in .jpg format for maximum compatibility.

Then, what I did was to transfer clean imagery from the same area in #1 to the same area in #2 which was over-written with the writing.
The result was the lower, third image, with all unwanted writing removed.
There were a few technical details; setting a convenient brush size (about half the height of the lettering in #2); and round or square brush shape; getting close-up magnification to make sure the selected pixel in #1 and #2 were the exact same pixels (I chose the lightest pixel in the angel's eye); then backing off and reducing both images to 50% of normal size to work with, and setting hardness, density, thickness, and opacity all to 100% for one-pass results.
Then you right-click on clean copy in #1 for pick-up, and left-click on the same spot in #2 for lay-down. I 'think' that's what I did; as the vintage kid's game commercial goes; "It's all in the wrist action." :)

All content used in my post belongs to their respective owners.
-holt (February 12, 2020, 05:49 AM)
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giving a link to the original would seem like the right thing to do :up:


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