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Anyone know someone interested in paid Wordpress site redesign?


I have an author friend who wants his Wordpress site revamped. Don't know full scope of changes desired.
Anyone know of anyone qualified and interested. If I can collect names/emails, I'll put the author in touch.

Depending on scope I can help, if he is interested in sharing details to which I will reply 'I can' or 'sorry can not'.

Sounds good, rgdot. Could you PM me an email address where he could reach out to you?

Steven Avery:
Just an FYI, I have used to find direct contacts.

Even if you say USA and Canada, you will get many Indian companies, however you will often get some good USA and Canada, also Europe (Netherlands, Slovenia, Ukraine), Morocco, Hong Kong, etc.

One my current coding project, sales tax for WooCommerce, maybe some pricing table action, a Kansas City company is in the lead.

No fee on either end.


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