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ScreenShot Captor changed website I was trying to capture a scrolling shot of


I just downloaded the software today. I used it to try and capture a scrolling screenshot of a web page on a site that we are taking down soon. I wanted to archive a screenshot of the pages in the site before removing it. Multiple tries did not work. Then it finally looked as though it was working, so I tried to save it. I do not know what happened to the screenshot, but now the website itself has been reformatted! It displays as a narrow image instead of a full width page. All the pages in the site now display this way and when I tried to look at the website on Explorer instead of Chrome to see if the change was across browsers, it will not display at all! How can this software make changes to the actual web site? How do I get my website back to the way it was?

SC can't change the web page -- but what it does is send simulated keyboard presses to the target application to get it to scroll up and down..

Although I've never heard of this happening, it's conceivable that one of the keyboard presses it sent to the web page (pageUp, pageDown, Home), could have temporarily changed the way the web page was displaying.. But SC can't make real changes to the way a website displays..

More likely it's a coincidence, and the web page became unavailable or if you loaded it a few times the website got paranoid that you were reloading it too frequently and put a temporary block on you.  It should fix itself.

Let us know if the problem persists, and perhaps we can help figure out what went wrong.


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