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Password Managers that work with FARR?


I'm looking for a password manager that works well with FARR. Before RoboForm updated to version 8 all of the login files and safenotes were in individual encrypted files. The file names were not encrypted so FARR ( with everything search addon ) could easily search and launch logins and safenotes.  Roboform version 8 now keeps all logins in a encrypted database that FARR can't search so I'm looking for a new alternative.  Thanks for any suggestions!

It would be better to accept that FARR should not be able to search your passwords.. Use a password manager that can search well (Keepass, free).

Mouser; thanks for the quick reply... I didn't have FARR set to search the actual password or username... just the nickname of the account. Say for example I have 25 different godaddy account for different clients... FARR + Roboform 7 + everything search made it super easy to invoke FARR, type a few characters and hit enter to get logged in.  Those were the good ole days.

I see that bitwarden ( opensource password manager )  has a CLI... has anyone used that with FARR?

Thanks for any additional ideas!


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