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mystery annoying popup


I have a laptop with Windows 10, and Norton 360, and Malwarebytes. I wish I could tell you more, but all I know so far is that a little box pops up in the lower right corner of Desktop about once a day with what looks like little ads. If I click on it all it does is disappear. I forget now what they all said. As I learn or figure out more, I'll keep you posted here (for whoever is interested). Many thanks.

Is there a new icon in the system tray?

Okay it has a Brave browser icon and I think it may be associated with a website I recently began visiting.
I've recently begun seeing half-blocked screen notices on that web site, telling me to allow pop-ups, whereupon I reset NoScript to block all scripts there.
Next time it appears, I'll get a screenshot of my Desktop.

Edit: Okay, I pressed logos key + shift + 's' and got a screen shot 'snip'; now I don't know how to save it for uploading.

It's a notification. Not all programs are well integrated with Windows 10's notification system, meaning that clicking the notification that pops up doesn't always bring the program to focus. It just dismisses it. And sometimes you can still see them in the notification slide-out bar on the side of the screen.

Don't allow notifications just because a website asks you for permission; only allow them if you know you want them, like for a webmail site.

Another possibility is that you enabled Brave Ads, so it is showing you an ad occasionally as per your settings. You can configure the frequency of ads or disable them entirely in the settings: brave://rewards/


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