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Running ClipBoard Help+Spell block char "|"

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Hello . I like this software a lot
I have found something is guiving me trouble since I am working in bash shell.
As soon as I start CHS, the char "|" (ALT+124) stop working
As soon as I exit from CHS, the char "|" work again
You can see more info in the screencast

Thank you for any suggestion.

Hi Hilario!

Thank you for taking the time to post and making such a clear video showing the problem.  :up:

I'm thinking that it must be that somehow the pipe character has been set as a hotkey in CHS.

There are two places that hotkeys can be set.  The first is the main hotkey tab in the options of CHS:

So look there for the | character set as any of your hotkeys.

Now, if it's not there, there is another place that a hotkey could get set, which is in a GROUP (a node on the left of the folder tree).  But I'm thinking it's probably not that, since that would cause a pop-up menu of the group.

Let us know if that helps solve it!

Thanks for the fast answer.
It doesn't seam to be hotkeys

For the GROUP option,, I check the 4 Group Properties (All, Clipboard, Virtual Folders, Recycle Bin)
In all the same situation: Popup Hotkey show "Ninguno"
no "|" anywhere. I am just surprised by the fact to see "Ninguno" which is nothing in spanish instead of reading it in English (by the way this also appear in the hotkeys screen).

What I have detected and can drive us to find something is:
- When I open the Options screen, the problem persist
- When I open the Edit Group Properties, the problem disappear. Then it seams to be very much related to the GROUP aspect.

Not till resolved but I found how to use "|" without stopping CHS ;-)

When I open the Edit Group Properties, the problem disappear. Then it seams to be very much related to the GROUP aspect...
--- End quote ---

I think this confirms it is hotkey related, since i disable hotkey processing when that group dialog is open.

So it must be a hotkey is set somewhere in CHS causing this problem -- either in the main dialog or in one of the groups.

(But it could be my hotkey component is somehow malfunctioning on a non-english pc..)

I wonder if one of those Ctrl+Alt hotkeys is somehow also catching the | pipe character, OR if the hotkey component is getting confused by the NONE/NINGUNO issue.

Can you try this maybe:
Exit CHS and then using your screenshot in a text editor type all those hotkeys... See if one generates the pipe character.  If so, that is our culprit!

If that fails, maybe clear all of the hotkeys in chs options dialog and see if that fixes it.

OK. Problem found.
I began changing my language from Spanish to English in case is was a language problem.
Problem persist.
Then I decided to delete hotkeys (even if the problem seams related with groups)
one of my CHS hotkeys was CTRL+ALT+1
I delete this hotkey and it works fine
Then I made some additional tests to understand
In my spanish keyboard there are some keys with special chars which have to be used with ALTGR to access them.
\ |@#~€[{}
If I use any one of this Keys with CTRL+ALT+key in the hotkeys configuration
the ALTGR char stop working with this key.

Must be some kind of relationship that I don't understand but this happend like this.
Regards and thanks for the help.


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