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easy screencast recorder?

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You don't have to make another donation.. it uses the same license keys you already have :)

The only problem with Easy Screencast Recorder is that it isn't particularly easy to figure out what codecs to use for best tradeoffs of size and quality in the recording.. Other than that, it should do what you want.

Thank you Mouser. Experts answer, that´s why I am here.

btw capturing screenshots and video from aaa games can be especially tricky because they use directx and accelerated graphics drivers to achieve maximum speed and bypass normal windows capture stuff.. so you may be out of luck using SC or ESR.. there may be other advanced software tools that can do it, or you may have to turn off video acceleration option for the graphics driver, etc.  it may require some experimentation..

At least I´m happy to have gathered your attention for a moment. Totally ignorant as I am I was searching for something I had already got: that is Geforce Experience Shadowplay named "Videobeweis" in german, a word I could not connect with Shadowplay.

it took me days, maybe weeks, to find out about "Videobeweis" and "Shadowplay". I find it useless adopting technical language to a regional variation. The good news about ScreenshotCapter is: It is almost perfect, as it always was. Must have been something with the left mouse button that got stuck. Sorry for alarming you. Thx. :)


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