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N.A.N.Y. 2020: How can I be of service to you?

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Hello there!

As I've been invited to join N.A.N.Y. 2020 by mouser (thank you!) I would like to use this opportunity to ask if you guys have a program bigger than a "snack" you would like me to code?

My aim is being of most service to the community so if you have an idea for a medium-sized program you'd like to have implemented, feel free to shoot it below :)

Windows/Linux is OK.


Weeell, I have been long searching for a really nice code-snippet keeper.  Right now I'm using an ancient one called CodeBank because I can't find anything quite like it that is newer.  I don't want any online connections - just local storage.  If you are interested, do download CodeBank and try it out a bit first.  The website doesn't work anymore, so here's a link to the installer which I've uploaded to my server.

I've tried CherryTree as a snippet keeper, and it seems suitable, but is quite clunky and unusual in it's handling.
Code Vault was another alternative I've tried and sort of liked, but it lacks features.

Here's what I like about CodeBank:

* completely customizable tree
* separate comments panel with auto-hyperlink detection - great for notes and links
* autohotkey syntax  (it *doesn't have this; I suck it up and use the syntax colouring for javascript)
* you can have multiple "codebanks" each dedicated to a particular topic and open them all simultaneously if you like.
* choose different syntaxes for folders which are inherited by new pages, or choose specific syntax for a page
But CodeBank has a few issues and hasn't been developed for over 10 years.
Here is a screenshot

And add to "codebank" online sync to different computer.

I have just added my suggestion, rest is on you.
BTW I use for simple codes storing with online sync., but it has its limitation too.



Have you tried Lintalist, whose author is a DC member? I think it is impressive.

@BGM: CodeBank v2.1.2.100 (June 9, 2011 is still available via:

Refer Wayback:


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