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About Donations, Honorary Membership, and the Members Only Sections


The forums at are open to the public.
You may make posts once you create a profile and login.

There are a couple of forum boards which are for Members Only.  These boards contain the current discount codes for software, as well as occasional beta releases of software, the debates about upcoming award nominees, etc.  These boards are only available to those who have officially joined the site by making a donation (of any amount).

Once you have made a donation your member profile status will be upgraded to Charter Member and you will be able to see the previously invisible boards which are in the same section/category as this one.

Note that when you make a donation, an account here at the forum is not automatically created, you still have to create it, and then I have to upgrade your profile, which usually occurs within a few minutes but could take up to 8 hours.

These members-only boards are our way of encouraging you to make a donation to the site, even if it is only for $1.

We know that it's a pain to donate, and that's why donation-based sites usually fail.  We are trying hard to strike a balance between providing a great site and making enough money to survive, and that's why we're trying these efforts to encourage donations without becoming jerks about it. I hope that makes sense.

And if you make your donation via don't forget to email us ([email protected]) with the info about it since amazon doesn't tell us who donated.

More about the ideas behind
To join the site with a one time donation:

Please don't hesitate to email me or send me a pm from this forum with any questions or suggestins  :)
-mouser ([email protected]).

If for some reason you cannot (or will not) donate, but really want to be able to download one of the releases on this site that is currently restricted to members only,

or you feel like you want to donate but not until you try out one of the beta releases that is currently reserved to members only, just send me an email explaining your position and i will send you a download link.

[email protected]

a few people made donations to Url Snooper and Mircryption before there was a
if you are one of these people by all means email me with the info about your original donation and i will be delighted to make you super charter members here - absolutely no reason for you to donate again.

In order to encourage donations we have some benefits normally available only to donating or honorary members (people involved in freeware/donationware scene, or people who have contributed in other ways to the site or software).

But we are an informal site that tries not to be bound by arbitrary rules and if you cannot or will not donate after seriously considering the approach of our site we would be happy to give you a full membership.

We especially want to extend this idea to our youth visitors who may be under 18 and may not have an easy way to make a donation.

If you fit this description just send us an email ([email protected]) and we'd be happy to make you a full member on the site.

ps. When you get older and have some spare money, or become the next Bill Gates, don't forget your friends at  ;)
ps2. if you become the next Bill Gates please make sure you consult this donation chart we commissioned:


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