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I'm thinking of going primitive, with discursion into zettelkasten

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I have been rereading the early pages of this thread. It has been quite a journey since the pre-PKM program days.

I mentioned that I have switched my note-taking to Tangent Notes. I recently found that it has the ability to open notes directly from the file explorer (it opens the first available relevant workspace/vault if one exists, or makes the folder a vault if it doesn't), and the file explorers and other utilities are far faster and usually more powerful than those in the program or Obsidian. So I thought it would be helpful to go through all the suggestions made earlier in the thread which have suddenly become directly relevant again, though my response may have changed (I'm not as sensitive for instance about ensuring that file tagging is totally cross-platform). This means that search &etc now works well for docx, pdf etc (I notice that DocFetcher now also has a Pro version, but I've not tested it out yet). I've set Dopus up to give me a word count column too (I thought I'd set XY up to do the same but can't remember).

Tangent's Query feature is due to appear in very early alpha at the weekend. I don't know what it will actually do.

Markdown, not org-mode, because Markdown just has better support, despite the inferior syntax.
-Tuxman (July 26, 2022, 09:28 PM)
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So sadly true.
I also have a suspicion that it's hobbled by the tight linking with HTML.

Notable seems to expect me to store a note's "categories" right in the Markdown file which is annoying when editing them outside Notable.
-Tuxman (July 26, 2022, 09:28 PM)
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idk whether it is the same, but this reminds me of my irritation with the extensive YAML which many of Obsidian's plugins produce. When I look at a note, I don't want to be distracted by irrelevancies.

Congratulations on having worked out a new system that will work for you. Out of my league, so I have no opinions on it at all.

Good to see Tangent getting traction!
Dormouse, I see you on the Tangent discord, great job at proposing features.
To anybody here using it: donate too. Taylor should be supported and he's building a piece of art. How many electron apps are actually usable? few. He's a really good programmer.

he's building a piece of art
-urlwolf (September 05, 2022, 09:55 AM)
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This is the essence of it.

As you commented previously, it's the first useful graph I've seen. A view rather than a calculation. Designed to be used.
All the features are useful.

I hypothesise that the underlying explanation is that he developed it for his own use as a writer. Okay, I'm not a micro-blogger but all the best programs for writers have been developed by writers for their own use originally. So ease in use is being tested continually.

Features don't exist for the sake of it. They have to have a function that he can recognise - I doubt he has time to add anything else.

The host of features it doesn't have, I can achieve in other ways without workflow friction.

I noticed that the Apple PKM notes app Craft has been launched for Windows and decided to have a look. Thoroughly underwhelmed at first glance. @links instead of wikilinks (don't know enough about Apple programs to know if this is an Apple thing). Didn't strike me as easy or intuitive to use. But one feature it did have was an integrated Publish function; quite a cheap way of plublishing to the web if you like to use the program.

But the following quote from a review was interesting. Daft in it's concept that Obsidian should have an export function (what exactly would it be exporting to, after all, when it is already just files). But certainly raises questions about files Vs databases and the lock-in from links, images and inserts into files. Partly a consequence of markdown/plaintext - rich text includes all the info in the file itself.

While notes in Obsidian are simple Markdown text files, maintaining the critical links between note files, images, and other embedded files is complicated without a proper export function (which Obsidian lacks)
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