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I'm thinking of going primitive, with discursion into zettelkasten

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But with current (low) prices for storage, why does it matter?

But with current (low) prices for storage, why does it matter?
-Ath (April 24, 2022, 05:58 AM)
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Doesn't matter much. I was looking for reasons not to put more emphasis on docx and expected file size to be much larger as it's one of the justifications for plaintext I've come across frequently in fora for markdown apps. I remembered it being bigger myself. Half expected docx to be MB with the plaintext just being a few kb.

Storage price may be down but bandwidth and transfer can be an issue. Used to be a huge one for me.

The other side of it is computing power. Which is an issue on mobile. Loads more stuff in docx files and compressing and opening adds more load.

My current plan is to save the updated file every day,  date stamp in file name, and keep them all indefinitely.  I have versions,  but see this as different. So all the files will add up in the end, even if the individual files are small. They will also be backed up locally and cloud.

After quite a bit of testing what works and what doesn't work, I have arrived at a Plan A for writing.

Creation, Planning, Development - Mindmap, Kanban, Outline (Mindomo, Workflowy enabled by OPML). I find trying to write much in a Workflowy note too high friction (the text is faded and hard for me to read), so I'll do the ad hoc writing in iA Writer which I find simple enough.

Actual writing and early stages of editing - Inspire Writer and Atlantis. I have them set up to look very similar. I'm leaving the possibility of writing in Atlantis open. It has projects, combining and splitting files and one of the better implementations of an outline view (works fast & good visually) - the Outline in Word, while effective, still feels like an afterthought. In the later, pure docx, stage of editing, I'll also use Word.

David Hewson describes writing a book as like combining small tiles into a mosaic. I agree, but I'm a big-endian not a little-endian (usage derived directly from Jonathan Swift, not computing). I like being secure in the big picture with the tiles deriving from that. I see Scrivener as a little-endian program which always seems to focus my attention on the smallest elements); Atlantis is a big-endian (you can use many small files in a project and join them later, but it's not convenient; easier to work with the outline view imho); Inspire Writer/Ulysses is somewhere in the middle - little is easy, but the big view is always easy to see, and can work with big documents using headings (though it's not great for that). At the first draft stage, this Ulysses design feels easier to work with; we'll see - easy enough to just do more of the writing in Atlantis.

I thought I'd noticed a new post in this thread, but apparently not.

But having move from thinking it an issue for some people but not me, to encountering frictions that meant it is an issue for me, I have reached  the point of seeing it as a set of deeply weird incompatibilities. What I do now is check out evry program I use in detail to see how they manage it.

Typora and MarkEdit have Enter=New Paragraph in WYSIWYG mode, but not source. So, if you type half the document in WYSIWYG and half in source, then the behaviour of the Enter key changes halfway through.

Being a database program, Inspire Writer doesn't have to commit until export. At that point, export to docx has Enter=New Paragraph, while export to txt, rtf, md has Enter=New Line. Working with an external md file produces the latter behaviour in the file itself, but the former for docx AND for the appearance onscreen. It makes it a decent conversion/export to docx option for md files written in other programs.

looks like logseq is making really fast progress. I'm amazed at what this team can do. Obsidian has a good community that pumps out plugins, and some look very interesting, like this one that could be an alternative to scrivener.

@dormouse, I definitely understand what you are going through with so many tools. I spent the last two days doing some similar search, and I even considered going down to paper zettelkasten. I'm probably moving away from amplenote and into logseq, but starting my zettel from scratch there. Oh, and I now read on an ereader (Onyx air note 2), which adds a lot of constraints.

Where do you publish what you write?


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