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I'm thinking of going primitive, with discursion into zettelkasten

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I noticed updates today from Logseq and Obsidian (insider). But I've no particular interest in looking at either.

Also notice Tangent Notes. Very early stages. Looks okay. Local files, will work seamlessly on Obsidian files. No idea what advantages it intends to have. I think I saw another one around too. Still looks as if there will be more and more of them.

Am thinking I will actually give zettelkasten a go.
I researched it thoroughly previously, but didn't try to follow all the rules.

* Was unsure about best software to use
* Was unsure about its range of utility. How to set limits. Use it for everything? But Luhmann's note-keeping was very focused. I think I have clarified my ideas on that, particularly helped by reading many of his notes (available online; most still only digitised rather than OCRd.) They're very academic shorthand. Not like Ahrens' account at all. And that makes sense to me. Not masses of work, except in thinking about the links.
* And never completely decided about the folgezettel. Seemed to make sense despite the arguments of the original software brigade. As my mind pondered though, I came to see it as essential. Not just in linking but in sketching out future publications.
So how to do it?
afaics, folgezettel are just pointers in an outline. So lots of programs can do that. The key is the very manual requirement to decide exactly where to place each note.
Which programs?
I don't know wikis, but assume they can.
Otherwise, I see no reason why they can't be done in an outliner - Dynalist or Workflowy say. Put bullets in the right sequence, wikilinks available, notes as bullet notes. Also tagging. Should work.
Obsidian? Single file ordered list with notes below. Using wikilinks for the note view without actually embedding them. I think I'll try that. Most users would just use a MOC list with atomic notes in the vault; that would work easily too, but won't be so quickly convertible to OPML.
One folgezettel advantage of an ordered list is that each note has a unique number, even if it has to be derived by following the hierarchy back instead of having it in the note.

I have a date/time shortcut available in any program I type in anyway so that will make any simple title unique.

Writage lets me work in md when I want to, copy the formatted text to a Word document, and copy and paste Word formatted text into my markdown document. It's pretty seamless going from plain text to word which is cool as I don't like doing long form writing/editing in Word unless I have to.
-wraith808 (February 16, 2022, 09:31 PM)
--- End quote ---
It makes sense. I tried it again. Testing Obsidian syntax.
Writage fails on highlight and strikethrough, but Typora gets it (MarkText doesn't).
So Writage and copy/paste with some syntax glitches, or Typora with import/export?
for pure text, whch is what I have most of the time, it makes no difference at all - and I have no need of either Typora or Writage.
Copy/paste is more convenient - but only if it works reliably. And if I do formatted text, highlight, strikethough and underline are needed as often as bold/italics. So probably Typora has the advantage for my use.

Markdown incompatibilities feel worse than the days when Word was very expensive and all the notWords had their own particular incompatibilities.

Dormouse, what are you trying to accomplish?  I can't tell.

Are you trying to figure out which software to use to write/edit your notes?  How do you read the end result of your notes?  For example, I don't really care much which program i use to write my files.  Zettlr, Obsidian, vs code....basically all the same to me.  What i care more deeply about is how i read them.  And I read them using the Emanote software i have mentioned, which converts my markdown files into a static website.  If not for that, I think I'd care more about the other tools, as I'd have to read them through those tools.  And if that is the case, the main thing would be the "preview" panes they all have.


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