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I'm thinking of going primitive, with discursion into zettelkasten

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don't get what evergreen notes are.  Is there a sample I can see somewhere?
-superboyac (June 23, 2020, 11:46 AM)
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Description again,  but I read this comment on the Obsidian discord
Zettels as Luhman/Ahrens use them are specific things. uses another definition, and now the term is often thrown around to just mean "note". Read Ahrens' book for his notion and compare to Andy M's description of types of evergreen notes. They have different purposes and focus. The original ZK is for academic writing. Andy M's notes are for productive thinking. These are related but different activities.
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PS I disagree with his characterisation of Luhmann. Academic writing, yes, but also about new, personal ideas.

OK what do you guys think of this idea:

A tool that can be run where you load in all your folders and files, and it renames the files based on the ID-title tag in the yaml header.

You can control and even preview the new names before executing.
You can tweak the paramenters to fit your header.
You can tweak how the new name format should be. or ID - etc etc

This tool is great and would be independent of your notetaking software.

brainstorm: plaintext note content hierarchy via indentation

I more and more like the idea of hierarchical notes via pythonic indentation
  with 2 spaces instead of 4, for compactness
  minimal yet very readable in code editor set to show whitespace and fixed width font
  problem: markdown and asciidoc use space/tab indentation for other things
    markdown treats 4 indentation spaces as a code block
    markdown collapses e.g. 3 or 14 spaces to no indentation

Any ideas/workarounds on using such compact pythonic indentation effectively in markdown based notes apps/systems?

Comparison examples

1. pythonic indentation (2 spaces)
Note: markdown collapses these indents and shows all on one line if not two suffix spaces.


2. Markdown nested list

- Sun
    - big
    - hot
    - bright

3. Markdown nested list alternating bullet characters (more compact, but still extra characters)

- Sun
  + big
  + hot
  + bright

Examples screenshot from VS Code with raw and preview tabs
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Wishes unlikely to come true
I wish markdown by default rendered indentation as indentation! For code blocks there is already the three fence ``` prefix/suffix.

I even wish that minus - and plus + at line start (with/without indentation) defaulted to not be interpreted as bullet point list formatting. They should function as list formatting characters only when preceded by a line prefixed with some other character that would start a list. For example a dot . character.
-Nod5 (June 23, 2020, 03:25 AM)
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I didnt realize until now that markdown couldn't do indentation.  That would be nice if it were implemented.  It's not even in any of the other markdown flavors?

tiddlyroam is a free, open source alternative to Roam. It is a notetaking app that works the way your brain does: networked, personal and infinitely customisable:

tiddlyroam is a free, open source alternative to Roam. It is a notetaking app that works the way your brain does: networked, personal and infinitely customisable:
-panzer (June 24, 2020, 01:43 PM)
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That's actually really interesting.  But it doesn't fit my paradigm of plain text files for the notes.  I really love the idea though.  Might have to revisit it later.


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