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I'm thinking of going primitive, with discursion into zettelkasten

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If I am going down this road of piecemeal software...

I already like it as I like this editor:

very customizeable, very nice features.  I'm not one of these "i need zero distractions GUI-wise when I'm writing" so I actually appreciate the panes and options around the sides.
It has the preview and raw panes, which is always nice.
it has github built in, so the files can be synced.

This is great.
Now, maybe obsidian can be used for the visual linking. careful with obsidian.  It wants to modify all your links in order to "beautify" other words, make it work well with its software.
We need something that can show the web of links without modifying the files.  SOmething standalone.  ALl it has to do is detect the links in these text files and create a visual out of it that can be clicked on, where it would open the note.

The problem with that is the internal linking.  It's almost like this can all be solved with yet a 3rd tool loll..
the third tool will be a database tools with the sole function of keeping track of the links and ID/titles in the zettel files.
-superboyac (June 19, 2020, 01:36 PM)
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From my perspective, Obsidian does this well. Not a database as such, but fast enough for all the processes. Obviously if you get hundreds of thousands of files, a database may be the best answer.
Doesn’t have block/bullet links,  but does have links to headings,  documents, files etc. More specific solutions are possible,  if you really need them but its not straightforward.

A lot of them are geared towards programmers vs writers (like me).
-superboyac (June 19, 2020, 01:36 PM)
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I think that's true up to a point, and many of the early users are programmers. But I think they all work well for writing. They facilitate planning,  world-building, referencing, storyboarding etc. For this,  I  find the Obsidian editor quite sufficient.
It's OK for the actual writing too, but using simple documents means you can use any editors you want.

For me,  Roam couldn't be as good for this because it would be less easy to use your preferred editor.

It wants to modify all your links in order to "beautify" other words, make it work well with its software.
-superboyac (June 19, 2020, 01:58 PM)
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Not sure what you mean by that. Is it part of the import process?
I've never had Obsidian try to change anything.
You can simply have your files in a folder and open the folder in Obsidian; I wouldn't expect it to change anything,  though I've not tested it.

that's a lot of steps just to deal with zettlr.  I'd rather just create a note, and all that is automatically accomplished, except for one part where i would manually enter a title. 
-superboyac (June 19, 2020, 12:59 PM)
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Any document or editor. System wide shortcut to put in dateandtime for ID, and you could probably use Wraith808's suggestion as part of that shortcut so all you have to do is type your title. And then you can use the document in any system you want.


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