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I'm thinking of going primitive, with discursion into zettelkasten

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Programs I'm redacting include:
Notezilla. No dark mode, windows centric,  doesn't work on Android as well as I remember. A pity because there's no clear alternative; in practice,  I'll probably just have another device near me and refer to what I need on that.
The Journal. Windows only. Some of the purpose taken over by Trello. Diarium is a reasonable alternative and works on Android as well as Windows.  iOS too iirc. Will also import .enex files. I may decide to write my notes in it, periodically saving to documents - that would give me the advantages of a journal for accessing them.

I'm snoozing the following:
Tagspaces. I'll do tags manually. Files may not be tagged.  I may have to bring it back, but using it takes quite a lot of time.
DocFetcher  - I don't think I'll need it very often. Windows only.
DoogiePIM - Windows only. Has some advantages for editing,  but I'll not address that until I need to. Epitome of a database approach,  though I'd have to say that I've found the database rock solid for over decade. I might use it for email archiving.
Squid  - I really like it  but there's no dark mode. I'll probably use OneNote as the most frequent substitute.

And semi-snooze:
YWriter. I very rarely use it in practice because its best use case (which I'd define as the type of books Simon Haynes writes) isn't a good fit for me.

For writing on Windows, I will use WriteMonkey, but will purchase the Scrivener upgrade.
Not sure about Android.  Pure Writer, Markor, Joplin. Pure Writer works well for something like a book. Jotters, SimpleNote. I've no need to hurry to a final decision because they are all interchangeable so long as I remember to backup any databases into standalone documents.

I will continue to use Evernote and OneNote but avoid locking data in them.

Diarium...  how do you find it?  Does it not lock you in?  It looks like it can export to word if you by the pro version.  It also looks like you can record audio notes.
Would be curious about your thoughts on it- what you like and dislike

Diarium...  how do you find it?  Does it not lock you in? 
-sphere (May 11, 2020, 11:07 PM)
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No lock in. You can export entries for a date range to text or word. Including tags etc.

It seems ok. I don't like the Windows version much. Ticked my essential boxes. I always buy the pro versions to evaluate on Android once I've decided to check an app in detail because I might otherwise misunderstand how it would work for me.

Diaro is similar but doesn't have a Windows version.

I only appreciated advantages of a journal app in this process after my brief time using The Journal. But they're a good fit for note entry.

I did an evaluation of the extent to which this system meets my needs as expressed in the thread above and it feels positive. Very long post, so I've hidden in a spolier.
-Dormouse (May 11, 2020, 04:12 PM)
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I haven't read your long-post spoiler yet, but just wanted to say this has been a very entertaining thread. And if you ever publish something for the general public Dormouse, let us know, because what you've written here has always been a pleasure to read.-tomos (May 11, 2020, 05:00 PM)
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Thank you!
I'm afraid my pace has been glacial in recent years.
Pushing a boulder up a hill with your nose is never easy,  but twelve boulders are even harder. At least now I'll just be pushing them up the same hill.

There is an older program called Writers's Blocks
-sphere (May 11, 2020, 10:22 AM)
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Google Keep can be used in a very similar way (feeding into Docs) and is free and works on all devices. -Dormouse (May 11, 2020, 12:22 PM)
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And OneNote can have many writers blocks on a page.
Always seemed that OneNote should be an ideal program for writing. Tried it often but never found it so. Not even close.
Needs better text editor,  some writerly tools, more options for the display of textbooks on a page and controls for sequencing the boxes into a document.


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