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I'm thinking of going primitive, with discursion into zettelkasten

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Interesting Workflowy evolution to use headings (h1 & h2) and paragraphs as an option instead of bullets. Given that it now has comments (not sure how long that's been for) as well as notes, it's usability for writing has increased substantially. And still has its colours.

Have also started testing Scrintal and Heptabase. They're both a cross between a whiteboard/mindmap and a notes app. I've seen some users comment that they are going all in and giving up Obsidian (always Obsidian for some reason). I wouldn't go so far, but they do look as if they could be very useful in planning and revision stages (a perennial discomfort for me).

And noticed that Tana is getting a lot of traction recently in the PKM space. No idea why yet. Or exactly what it is.

About time for an update.

I am now using Tangent Notes for all my note-taking. It's very productive for me and I can use the full range of other programs without loss.

Scrintal and Heptabase look interesting. Similar but also quite different in the way they work. And both likely to change. Neither yet has sufficient features for me to use in a production workflow, but I expect at least one to get there.

I've described my issues with a longform writing workflow in a long series of posts. I've found good, markdown-based, programs (eg Inspire Writer) but they all have issues (IW is most effective when the documents are in its database; its syntax is from Ulysses and is very idiosyncratic) and in combination they don't form an ecosystem but a mess. So I've given up. I've gone completely to the other side and now only use Word (with OneNote as a longer note backup - I put the link into Word comments). The outline navigation pane is very workable, I have all the file controls I need and there's never any friction at an export to Word stage. Looks okay, works okay. With Writage I can open and save markdown files (though it doesn't understand wikilinks). It's an odd progression because most of my longform writing previously was effectively in txt or databases; I pretty much detested Word. There's the added advantage that most programs will exchange documents with Word without syntax clashes.

This actually feels quite stable (famous last words, I know). Tangent & markdown notes on one hand; Word and docx on the other. Whiteboards still being explored, but they (in form of mindmaps/OneNote) have always been peripheral though very useful for rejigging.

I asked him to add the adding of extensions to images when they are inserted.  It's preventing me from committing to it.  He asked me how I knew about it, and showed him this thread lolll.  He's like ohhhhhh Dormouse strikes once again!! LOLLLLLL

It's preventing me from committing to it.
-superboyac (October 19, 2022, 01:15 PM)
--- End quote ---
What do you make of it, apart from the images issue?

I ask because it's pretty barebones still with multitudes of absent features and I'd assumed that the potential userbase at this stage would be small because of that.

iirc, you had switched to Obsidian. I keep tabs ( ;D ) on what's going on with it, but it's some time since I have actually used it seriously. The 1.0 launch has been described as a great improvement by some and as workflow breaking by others. I'm quite glad to be out of the frequent breaking changes and the latest interface one sounds as if it would probably have affected even minimal me.
I do intend, however, to have a good look at the whiteboard plugins when they arrive. I'll weigh them up against Scrintal, Heptabase, OneNote and Mindomo - and anything else that comes along in the meantime.

I like it and would switch from Obsidian if not for the image extension thing.  I just like how it looks better, and the cards and some of the navigation options I like better.  I'm not as particular as you about everything, I literally use it to quickly edit files that i use on a static site generator.


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