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Looking for Video Content Ideas [For DC Related Videos]

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OK so I forgot to update this thread and let y'all know that I worked out what content to make.  I'm going to be doing a series on "Intro To Computing" (Which will expand into more technical subjects as I create more videos).

The first video is in development (I have all the content written, just need to do that actual video/editing stuff - as I write this, the first few minutes of video is done and being uploaded to my youtube to test things).

I'm going to make all my content available in both English and Italian (Both will have their own edits made to be in line with the spoken language, and the text on any of the screens will be changed to match this).  To be perfectly honest, the 2nd language option is mainly just because it gives me an excuse to actually speak in the language I've been learning because I don't get much opportunity to do that might be useful to someone!

As I mentioned in the original post, if anybody is interested in helping with any parts of this project (editing, writing, video making, audio stuff, etc etc) then please please please let me know!  The more help, the better!



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