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Feature Request: "Fit Width" Selection On Thumbnail Panel


The clickable choices for displaying the images on the upper right of the Thumbnail Panel are excellent AutoFit, 50%, 100% etc.

But I often capture entire web pages and if I use AutoFit or FIT, it shows the entire page no matter how long.  What I really want is to adjust the image to the width of the Panel, but not the length.  I have this same need for many other images I open.

So the suggestion is...

Add a "Fit Width" choice.  Would also like to have a 10%, 25% and 75% choice so you can instantly hone in on what you need.

Keep up the INCREDIBLE work !!!!!!  :)

It's a good idea.  There is actually a FIT WIDTH option in the view menu.. One idea would be to have an option in preferences which says "[] Autofit should only fit width".

"There is actually a FIT WIDTH option in the view menu"

Wow!  Never saw that!  Thank you mouser!

The mark of an outstanding program... so many goodies you are always discovering new ones!

Humbled you like my suggestion.  Keep up the fabulous work!  :D


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