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NANY 2020: quick generator peek

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(One more software for this year before I resort to not finish the other two large utilities I had planned for 2020... I'll dump my other three tools which I had released before some time before New Year's Eve, as always. ;))

NANY 2020 Entry Information
Application Name quick generator peek Version 1.0 Short Description Adds a toolbar button to display the current website's Generator meta tag (if possible) to your Chrome/Chromium/Vivaldi browser. Supported OSes All which have Chrome or something. Web Page Download Link System Requirements
* Chrome or Vivaldi or something.Version History
* 1.0: Works. Kind of.Author hi.  8)


Some software, like certain HTML editors and weblog software like WordPress, adds an information to your site's source code that says which software was used to generate it. This Chrome extension will read this information and display it as a pop-up.

Planned Features
Nope. This is quick and dirty. There are more sophisticated add-ons which do everything beyond that.

See the website.


Using the Application
The extension will add a toolbar button. Use it.

Remove the extension from your browser. Done.

Known Issues
Websites without a generator tag will still have the toolbar button.

Nice. I could try it only if it had Firefox version, but i still commend your efforts.

I won’t do anything for Mozilla anymore, sorry.

I won’t do anything for Mozilla anymore, sorry.
-Tuxman (December 01, 2019, 05:02 AM)
--- End quote ---
Not surprising, I suppose - considering what they seem to have done to their browser, users and extension developers. I don't think there's anyone left for them to p*ss off now. I used to be such a fan too.

What about for Waterfox?


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