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Idea: Global Word Counter (GWC)

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I am a writer who works on many projects in parallel (books, novels, white papers, etc.). As a writer it is important to have a way to keep one's motivation and progress front and center. I have found numerous word counters and writing analytics on the Internet, but they only work online. Some have to have the text copy/pasted to use. The other present limitation is my writing app has word counters, but only for the current project. When I write I have several projects open and "bounce" from one window to another as my writing juices direct. I know this is unconventional, but it is how I work best. So, I need an app which can be...

Here are the needs in order of priority...

Version 1 (essential features)

* Small and concise as possible, but with no text or labels smaller than 14 point font. I have vision challenges.
* Used offline on my Windows 10 laptop. It would be something like a keylogger, but would not record any keystrokes only the fact a key was pressed and increment a counter.
* Keystroke count incrementer.
* User-configurable keystrokes per word entry box.
* Word counter with reset.
* Word goal entry box with a "Words to Go" readout.
* Pause feature to prevent counting typing out an email, grocery lists, etc.   

Version 2 (if a developer wishes to enhance the GWC further in no particular order, but all features would be nice).

* A meter bar or "speedometer" to see progress visually.
* A user-configurable minute timer with visual and audible alert to remind the writer to take a break from looking at the screen.
* Optional "Always on Top" switch.


the only problem with your request is that you are essentially asking for a keylogger.

i bet theres an existing keylogger that will capture what you type.  but not with these particular features.

Thanks for the reply, but since there is no way to be absolutely sure a keylogger would not be a potential threat to collecting data I decided to stay clear of anything which records keystrokes.

if key pressed

Hello Calvin, I'm working on a "Multilingual Word Counter":

First part (CTRL-C word counter) comes for evaluation first.

If you consider such a copy functionality as viable, your Global Word Counter idea can be made a derivative from this code.

Also, I recently did a formatter with the initial monitor functionality: Clipboard Call Number Formatter v0.1.0

What do you say? Can it work via clipboard?

Thank you for your interest in helping. Unfortunately, I am not understanding. This is not your fault. Sometimes I have a gimpy noodle.


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