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Change request - Captor File Naming

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Screnshot Captor is saving me lots of time, particularly last years favorites sizes feature.

Request1 - add a suffix 001 to the first screenshot of the day. (see screenshot attached)
I have set up my file naming format as YYMMDD. The first screenshot of the day is eg

Next files and subsequent files are named eg
191018 002, 003 etc

As I often do screenshots in matching pairs sequential numbering is important, but when I sort by file name order ascending in Windows Explorer the first file of the day ends up at the bottom of the list.

It would be helpful if 1st file of the day could be named with suffix 001 eg 191018 001
This would also mean when I sort files in explorer as icons in 2 columns, the matching pairs would be together

Request2 - When files are removed from my Capror folder continue the same numbering format for the day - do not start again.

Looking at the attached screenshot, if I move Screenshot - 191008 033 to a different folder, the next file I save will have the same name, so I cannot move it to the same folder (I need to move to a temp folder then rename).

Same thing happens if I move filename Screenshot - 191008 004, next file has identical name and following screenshots continues with Screenshot - 191008 034, 035 etc

Similarly If I move all of todays files to a new folder and do the same number of screnshots (same day) I end up with two sets of files with exact same name.

I realze this is a bit more complicated to implement that request 1, but perhaps the following would work.

Instead of creating a new file name based on the "lowest missing or un-named file name" eg 191008 004 or 191008 034 could you save the last file name somewhere in the app then add 1 for the next new screenshot (for that day) - irrespective of whether or not the folder for saving still contains or does not contain previous screenshots for that day.

I can see the usefulness of your requests.
Have you tried using the %numinc% field in the File Naming pattern?  It is designed specifically to have an ever increasing counter.

Give that a try (put it at the end of your filename pattern) and see what you think..

It will never reset to 1 and just increase each time, but I could consider adding an option that reset it to 1 each day..


Thanks for your response.

I believe I am already using the naming convention you suggest. - see screenshot.

Hopefully the screenshot gives a better explanation of what happens and what I would like to happen.

I started to day with screenshot 1 - it is saved as Screenshot - 191012
I would like it to be named Screenshot - 191012 001
Screenshots 2,3&4 were named as expected Screenshot - 191012 002, 003, 004
I moved screenshot 003 to a new folder (thus no 003 in the folder where Screen Captor saves files).
I took screenshot 5, it is named Screenshot - 191012 003 - I would like it to be named 005 (fifth screenshot today)

I hope that is a better explanation.

Colin K

Try changing your options like this:

Great response - as usual.

That works with allmy issues dealt with, though I chose custom date so I would get yymmdd
Screenshot - %customdate%  - %numinc%

Custm Date = %y%m%d


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