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What's the future of OneNote?

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I am looking for people's thoughts about where Onenote has gone since this post in the fall of 2019?  I have a relative who has asked for help learning how to use OneNote and ot jas rekindled my interest.

Were there any “gotchas’”  like ones you used the cloud you were not allowed to save the files locally?

I would be interested in being able to store notebooks locally.
I am correct that is still possible without any issues with Onenote 2016?
Is that possible with OneNote for Win10 (the webapp)
If a file is stored locally,  can you transfer it to another system, and open it with another version of OneNote be it 2016 or  OneNote for Win 10?

How does working offline work? Does Onenote just cache the files locally somehow?
Are you required to login to Microsoft?  If you are not using the cloud services?
I believe that Onenote can run OCR on different types of images that are put in notebooks. Is this done locally or is it done in the cloud.

An earlier version of Onenote (Onenote 2010 or Onenote 2013) used to index audio files.  I have not been able to get that to work in Onenote 2016. It did not work well in the previous version, but it was able to search for things that otherwise would not have been searched for.

I have a copy of OneNote 2016.  I have not used it a lot, but it appears you can save locally.  If I want to save to the cloud Office asks me to set up an account.  Onenote for Win 10 requires you to sign in I believe.

My primary use case is taking notes where have the audio synced with the notes would be extremely helpful.  I am also interested in being able to import pdf/power point documents and annotate them.  There are not many alternatives that can do that live.  I also realize that onenote is extremely powerful, and able to deal with many different types of digital media.

Would appreciate people’s take on the matter.

I still use OneNote. I would have to check which version it is.

I used to know the answers to some of the questions. I'd use both the 2016 version (all the old functions + Onetastic macros) and the latest version (for better cross-platform & mobile access). Couldn't answer the questions when I saw them, because, it seemed to me, that the best answer was to stop using OneNote, which is what I have clearly done.

I always had a love/hate relationship with it anyway.

My guess is that they had a strategy. Then they changed it. Then they modified their stance, a bit. For now.
Next there will be another strategy.
I think their problem is that OneNote is a large and complex program that few Office customers use. And the free cross-platform giveaway has probably not gained huge traction, but those users will make only simple demands of it.
But those customers who do use the complexity are often very keen indeed.
afaics, it will either die, be killed, mutate into something different and simpler, or will become an add-on to Word.
(The last mightn't be okay if they did it properly - first time for everything - option for better file management for some files via a ON database, more tools, and a couple of different views.)

I have to use it for work, and use it for marking up some forms that I use for personal work, and it appears to store the notebooks offline and sync them if you are connected. I don't know if it is manually transferrable- I've never done it that way, preferring to just download it from OneDrive.

I have the Office365 version - the latest, really (comes with everything else).  I've tinkered with it a bit, but never could bring myself to use it.  I could never get past it's wanting to create a textbox every I placed the cursor in empty space.  That, plus a bunch of usability features are lacking (IMHO) and it uses that awful ribbon invention.  I avoid using Microsoft Office if I can help it.


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