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Android?? Basic simple countdown timer....

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Lots of Android countdown timers out there, but not what I want.

The one below comes close:

Here is what it lacks, that I'd really like to have:

-- Save user-defined/adjustable default countdown amount.  (20 minutes)

-- Start counting down as soon as program runs, no user intervention needed.

-- Make sure program can be scheduled to run on device (tablet) start.

-- Allow for playing whatever 'sounds' are available in system.  (series of beeps)

-- If possible, pause the existing music being played (AIMP), and after sounding (beeping for 3 to 5 seconds), allow music to resume.

-- When alarm goes off, don't require any user intervention.  Just close and disappear.

No need for any other bells and whistles.


Nicholas Kormanik

Android has a built in timer/alarm clock.   You can activate it using voice commands. Would that work?  "Ok Google, set the timer for 20 minutes." It has been a while since I used it, but I believe it pauces and resumes music while doing this

Thanks for the lead, sphere.  I'd prefer to not need any user intervention.  Set once, forget it.

I noticed there are many Java countdown timers out there.  Android apparently is built on Java.  Wonder how hard it would be to use existing Java code, and make a tiny Android ap as requested.

Wonder how hard it would be to use existing Java code, and make a tiny Android app as requested.-nkormanik (September 27, 2019, 05:55 AM)
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You're right nkormanik, it should be possible to peek at ready-made source code (i.e. from GitHub) to "inspire" an app with your requirements.

I currently have a list of ~4 programs to end the month (busy weekend ahead  :)).

If nobody's taking this after my next round of releases, I can do this one for you. No prob.


I thought you just wanted minimal user involvement.  I would search for Tasker app or automate app and programs of the like.  Similar to autohotkey for android.   Choose any trigger (or combination of triggers) to initiate the timer.  It could be when your phone auto connects to a certain wifi network, or your gps finds you near home, or when you get an email,  "a specific timer" starts to remind you to call your mother or a playlist is set to start playing ;)  Here aree some sample examples of what is possible.  The link is from my bookmarks so it is likely old.  A good introduction can be found here.

My recollection is that tasker has a bit of a higher learning curve, but you can actually create and export the things you develop as apps.  They also have pretty active community. Chances are that someone has already figured out what you need/want to do.


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