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Suggestion for 'File Name Quick Field'


I read in another post that you were in the process of adding some features and updates to SSC.
Instead of tacking this suggestion/request on to that post I figured I would start a new one in the event there were other views for discussion.

What are your thoughts on adding to the ability to change the 'File Name Quick Field' to the 'Post-capture popup dialog' window?
There is the field to override the filename. But this is a one time only unless you remember to override and re-type the same phrase each time.
Or take the 1st screenshot, override the name - save and show - copy the filename override and paste to File Name Quick Field.
And I just had another thought. Could the filename of the screenshot SSC is "planning" to save it as be shown in the pop-up? This way the user knows whether the 'File Name Quick Field' is set properly and they can just save and hide instead of save and show to modify the filename.

As IanB said in the other thread, SSC works pretty well as is if there isn't enough interest in adding these features. But I think they would be helpful for those that take advantage of and use the File Name Quick Change feature to organize their screenshots.

Thanks for considering.

The quick field feature is one of those useful ideas I had, that even I have trouble remembering to use.

For those that aren't familiar with the idea, it basically lets you easily set a string that would be used in file names of subsequent captures.. So if you were going to take 10 captures related to a project, you might put like "ProjectA" in the quick name field and your capture files would be named "ProjectA - 001" then "Project A - 002" etc..

So your idea is a good one.. the real problem is that the post-capture pop-up dialog is getting crowded and big, and it's hard to keep adding stuff to it..

I understand about the pop-up window being crowded.
What about this... Change the Override filename field to Change quick field. Then display in the field box the name of the filename SSC is getting ready to name it. And when the pop-up field box is clicked on, the name is already fully selected so that all one has to do is start typing. Or by selecting one of the existing save options the highlighted filename would be used and just increased by a number, 001, 002 etc.
This way, either the filename and/or quick field name could be changed.

I think the quick name field is a great feature to allow grouping different series of screenshots in the default capture folder. And then making it easier to move these groups of shots to other locations as necessary. None of the other capture programs I have looked at over time have this feature as well as others offered with SSC.

Thanks again for considering.

I do like the idea of showing what the filename will be in the pop-up dialog..  Maybe I could add an option that the user could control whether the pop up dialog shows the override filename field to input or the quick field to input.
So that wouldn't need more space on the post capture dialog just a dialog option of whether the field will override filename or change quick field..

Great! I will be watching upcoming updates. I know it can take time.


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