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Silent Switch for Command Line Capture when SC already loaded

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Normally I want SC to come up on screen when I capture.  Just to be sure it's capturing.

However, there are times I use command line, and don't want to see anything.

So, please allow an additional command line switch:

ScreenshotCaptor.exe -capture screen_silent


Nicholas Kormanik

You know about MiniCap, intended as the command-line 'add-on' for ScreenshotCaptor?

Using the -capturescreen and -exit arguments, besides -save to specify the filenaming scheme, should do the trick.

Looks like that will do the trick, Ath.

Thanks a bunch!

If you add -minimize to the commandline like :

--- ---ScreenshotCaptor.exe -capture screen -minimize
would that do what you want?

If only.  Hmmm.

Pop-up dialog still pops up.  And stays up, screen center.

Normally, as said, it's best to have that pop-up window show itself, just to be certain that a capture was indeed made.  Then I click on "Save image but hide".

My normal setting is:
Preferences -->
The Basics -->
Interface Options -->
After Capture Show -->
PopUp Choice Dialog

However, if I want to automatically inconspicuously make a capture, I don't want any pop-up.  No interaction.  Other than command line batch file executing.  Please.

So, if there can be a way of over-riding, via command line, that would be ideal.



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