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Knight to queen's bishop 3 - Snowden charged with espionage.

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Well, well, well, this is a surprise... (NOT): (iF True)
Copied from: Google Removes “Don’t be Evil” Clause From Code of Conduct – easyDNS Blog - <>
Google removes “Don’t be Evil” clause from Code of Conduct

Google has removed its famous motto “Don’t be Evil”, which used to be the very first thing in its Code of Conduct and reiterated twice more within the first few paragraphs has quietly replaced this simple phrase with generalized references to “ethical business conduct”. “Don’t be evil” is now only mentioned once in the 6,313 word document, toward the end, seemingly as an afterthought “And remember… don’t be evil, and if you see something that you think isn’t right – speak up!” (Emphasis added, ‘cause when you think about it, that’s exactly what got James Damore fired).

Further, as previously reported here, the internal revolt at Google over Project Maven, its JV with the US DoD to build military drones continues, with about a dozen employees quitting and over 4,000 signing a petition to cease the project.

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That happened many years ago for Alphabet when they spun off to be the parent company.  It also meant very little and was just words- as shown when employees questioned Google about their drone work and quoted it, and had no effect on their policies.

espionage /"EspI@nA;Z, -IdZ/
· n. the practice of spying or of using spies.
– ORIGIN C18: from Fr. espionnage, from espionner ‘to spy’, from espion ‘a spy’.
Concise Oxford Dictionary (10th Ed.)
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I have Scott Adams' Blog in my Bazqux feed-reader. I used to read it fully, as it nearly always seemed to be good content and good thinking, and I could skip over the (for me) dreary US politics. Some time ago, he stopped writing the blog, replacing it with a podcast. I tried listening to the podcasts, but abandoned that as I find them tediously sloppy, drawn-out affairs, not helped by the fact that he seems to be (sounds like he is) mentally slow in his speech/thinking - which may be because he smokes pot "for medicinal reasons". Anyway, I am too impatient to listen to the ruddy podcasts, so I don't (it's my loss). However, what he does is usefully provide a list of topics he wants to cover in each podcast.
For the Episode 296 post/podcast, his list was:
Episode 296 Scott Adams: Wildfires, The Tucker Test, Forgotten Black Voters, SNL, The Abortion Ad, Broward
* “Bad forest management”, President Trump vs. Alyssa Milano
   - Should it be illegal to report how segments of the population vote?
   - Reporting creates an “us vs. them” frame
   - Reporting sides, causes people to take sides
* Boxes of votes keep getting “found”
   - CNN correctly reports no proof of voter fraud, true, but…
   - Fox and conservatives say look at all the suspicious stuff
   - Suspicious stuff isn’t proof of crime, just like Russian collusion
   - Why do all the found votes always favor Democrats?
* Are Democrat run things less competent than Republicans run things?
   - Republicans are more system process oriented, follow rules
   - Democrats are more goal oriented, less rules oriented
* SNL had Crenshaw on for “free punch-backs” at Pete Davidson
   - Dan Crenshaw brought respect for veterans in his appearance
* Pro-Choice commercial, my view…it’s fake IMO, from a mole or hoax
* “The Tucker Carlson Test”
   - IF an article doesn’t include reasons, just links to the reasons
   - THEN the reasons don’t exist or are a misinterpretation
* Mueller’s “dozens of sealed indictments”
   - What would he do if he possesses info that could cause a civil war?
* Alexa, who is Scott Adams?
   - Some funny person changed Alexa’s response to be Scott Dale Adams
* Macron statement about need for France to protect themselves from America
   - Fake news ignores that statement refers to cyber defenses
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Most of that stuff (above) seems to be about US national/local politics and in which I have little interest. (Quite frankly, I find it depressing and hard to understand/believe that the US population really is dumb enough to be suckered into having/sustaining a kind of tribal political antithetical dichotomy which results in one large portion of the population literally hating another large part of the population, due to their beliefs, or something.) However, the last (emboldened) items in the above list are obvious and of international interest:

* Of course France and other not-5-Eyes nations would have been well-aware (since the advent of SnowdenGate, at least!) that USA and the other 5-Eyes nations are brazenly committing espionage against them.
* Of course France and other not-5-Eyes nations would have been already taking serious counter-espionage steps against the USA and the other 5-Eyes nations.
Thus, to seemingly suggest that this counter-espionage idea is actually somehow a "new" idea for a cyber defence initiative would be preposterous and, if true, it would surely be a mark of gross incompetence on the part of the not-5-Eyes nations' secret services - i.e., they would already have adequate and well-established cyber defence practices/processes in place.
Obviously, the US would never present a military threat to the not-5-Eyes nations, but supposing the media narrative were to help/encourage France and the not-5-Eyes nations to justify bolstering their military defences...surely that could present a potential surge in demand and a golden opportunity for the US military equipment production machine...hmm. No flagging sales there.    :o

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