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sandboxie is free and need guidance if anyone using it

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Well sandboxie became free and I thought to give it a spin.

After reading help and watching tutorial given, I wanted to run one of my installed app in sandbox to check how it will work when installed in a clean machine.

Now the app reads from "c:\Users\..\Documents\Folder\" a ini file. I expected, in sandbox it will read NOT from the existing on in my C: drive but in sandbox. But it is sill reading from the original ini path.

I tried forced sandbox and also installed in the sand box, but same result. May be I did not understand how to use it.

Win10 Pro 32 bit, version 1903, Os build 18362.356

Please advise how to accomplish it, if anyone had done the same ?



You sure have to give away a lot of information to download it...  :-\

You sure have to give away a lot of information to download it...  :-\
-wraith808 (September 17, 2019, 09:34 AM)
--- End quote ---
As per GHack tip in comments,

"Just check > Home User ; Company > N/A ; Department > Other"



I'm talking about the other parts.  The actual information.  Of course, that's what temporary e-mails are for, though I'm not worried enough to put in something different for location.

yes, if the program is already installed, SB will bring the .ini files or registry entries of the installed program back into the sandbox.

If you don't want SB to do that, you can turn it off.

See here how to do block the path to the .ini file or registry settings:

Hope this helps. :)

Sandboxie is a great program and very light on resources. I love it and I really hope that going open source will be successful for Sandboxie.


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