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Official icons?

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Hello DC family,

Is there an official DonationCoder icon for use in our programs when linking to the site in the Help/About menu?

Can we simply include the site's Favicon? ( )

Cody perhaps?

Many thanks for the info!

You can't go wrong with Cody.  I don't think that there are any other real logo icons that we have other than Cody.

There is a transparent background cody on site, and one of him standing on a keyboard.. I'll find.  All drawn by the awesome nick pearson (nudone).


There is also cody's uncle, though he usually only comes out if people start talking about money:

I've collected a few images of Cody from the site over the years, including some of the original Photoshop and Illustrator files from nudone. I happen to have a fairly low resolution one of Cody standing on a keyboard, and a few other images with transparent backgrounds that are much higher resolution.

Official icons?

Official icons?


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