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What are people using these days, instead of Surfulater?

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Yep its me. I did try to update the activation but was unable to because eSellerate no longer had the users registration details. When that failed I created a new free license coupon which I sent. Unfortunately this didn't work because eSellerate seem to have been merged into another company (Sharit?) and their order system no longer works. Unfortunately this is out of my hands and there is nothing more I can do. In hindsight using a 3rd party to handle licensing was not the best of ideas.

So to say that I was not very helpful is pretty disappointing.

Surfulater does not have any Export capability, so it isn't possible to Import it into our new app Clibu.

I am quietly working on the next major version (rewrite) of Clibu. This stores all data locally, and will have offline support with synchronization to other devices should you wish to use that. It will also have local backups. For more information see the Clibu Blog which has links to early sample apps. The next sample release will have basic Note editing.

PS. Full disk image backups are a good idea and help greatly when disaster strikes.

To answer the original question: Clibu.

Thanks for commenting :Thmbsup:.

Surfulater does not have any Export capability, so it isn't possible to Import it into our new app Clibu.
-nevf (September 11, 2019, 03:12 AM)
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So, does Clibu have export functionality?

Dokuwiki hosted on a synology NAS... see for some really theoretical (but super interesting) discussion on taking notes.

FWIW, I moved to RightNote (link here)
-cranioscopical (September 10, 2019, 09:47 PM)
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Did you end up purchasing it or stay with the free version?-nickodemos (September 10, 2019, 11:11 PM)
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Purchased lifetime license.

Downloaded and did a quick run through. It is time for some sleep so will look at it more tomorrow. Looks alot like treepad. Have you tried that and how does RightNote compare.

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I can't supply a useful answer to that. I tried a whole bunch but was under some time pressure and probably rejected some then that I might have accepted now.

I am sorry to hear that app, I think this underlines the importance of having good export/import functionality so your data does not get locked in a proprietary format. I am a little surprised the Surfulater author apparently created a new app (Clibu) with no way to import from Surfulater?

For what it's worth, I moved from Evernote to CintaNotes, which is a lot more bare-bones, but works well for many of the type of notes I keep. Besides that I keep a development log in markdown in plain text files.
-Jibz (September 11, 2019, 01:19 AM)
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CintaNotes was what I was going to suggest, but it doesn't keep rich format items, so I didn't.

I personally use Ema Personal Wiki, as it works across all of my devices (sync via dropbox), is OSS (so I can make any changes I want), and stores in plain text.  I forked the repo so that I always have the version that I want, irrespective of any changes that he makes.

I'm also trying Boostnote, but haven't gotten that deeply into it yet.  It's also OSS, but updated more regularly.


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