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What are people using these days, instead of Surfulater?

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If you haven't tried Clibu yet, I'd welcome any feedback.

Clibu has the same functionality and UI across Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop adapting the UI to suit each device. All updates are synced to all devices in real time.

Clibu was my first Web application and borrowed quite a bit from Surfulater. However it lost some of the more desktop app capabilities which help speed up workflow, like lots of keyboard shortcuts and keyboard navigation. And the UI is a bit cumbersome.

I'm now rewriting Clibu from scratch with a heavier emphasis on usability, more powerful UI components such as the new Tree (blog)  (demo) a new and far better WYSIWYG editor with the ability to switch to using Markdown, both Tree Folders and Tags like Surfulater had, local database (with import/export), offline support with both real time sync and eventual updates when back on line and much more.

The next demo will include the new content editor, with basic functionality, new Home content, Archive and Trash collections along with various bug fixes.

nevf, ill check it out at some point.  but i can no longer be switching around programs like before!!  ;D :(

@SuperboyAC: had to chuckle reading your post! A couple quick thoughts:

First, I completely agree: If I cant access on my phone and desktop, a notes app is no use to me. That's why I use Dokuwiki, even thought it's a little tedious on the phone...

... which is the second thought: I completely agree about the phone rant. I feel like the smartphone is ruining creators. Not in the camera sense (as you mentioned), but the writers, the graphic designers, the etc... input is so tedious with a phone. And dont tell me to use voice recognition for text: there are any number of reasons why I cant/wont speak what I want to write at the time.

Although, benefit of the doubt, I see the desktop world going away as well. Power users are/were/will be a niche market. While computers were a niche, the niche made things for the niche. But now it's all about market. Which is how everything goes. I'm sure a car nut will read this and think we've done the same thing to cars by making everything electronic/proprietary, etc.

Anyway, good thoughts.
-kfitting (September 11, 2019, 12:42 PM)
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the day windows stops offering an installable desktop OS and server will be a devastating day for me.

i do my best with android.  i try to keep input to a minimum.  i just want all my desktop stuff synced to it so i have all that info on me.  but i try to stay away from doing any entry with it.  i dont even like editing my calendar with it.  its all just an interface nightmare.  just think of it from the precision we are used to with the mouse on desktop.  that mouse pointer can select to darn near pixel-resolution without much of a problem.  like think about how easy it is to do the window diagonal resize.  on a phone, yea there are lots of pixels, but your input is your big fat finger.  and if your finger is a "pixel"  there are like 5x10 pixels essentially for input.  and the interface has to get around that.  all those touch-and-hold things.  the little magnification that comes up for selecting words. geezus.  shoot me already.  all the menus sliding in and out from various places, either slower or faster than you would like...

dont you love how they keep changing google maps interface every other day?  so fun.  they must be using all the data to perfect the interface lol.  such a detailed analysis wow.  it takes like 7 taps to actually start driving, right?  type in the place, tap, select from the list, tap, select the correct navigation style (walk, drive), tap, which will always be on the one you DONT the route you want, tap, select drive NOW, tap...ok now we can drive...
oh but they did us a favor and added "Drive mode" with one tap you can, skip 3 of those taps...leaving you with two taps...but most of the time, you will have to go back to correct the original destination you back to the 7 tap process....

oh, but maybe im such a poweruser, im nitpicking the google map app...its perfectly fine for most folk right?  ok how about simply VOLUME CONTROL??  so simple right?  volume up, volume down.  they even have a hardware button yay!  oh but its so knows when you want to control voice volume, or bluetooth volume, or alarm volume, or the other 10 hidden volumes...
volume button (volume dialog appears)
not the volume you want, tap expand
2 more appear, still not the one you want there
tap settings
tap sound
tap advanced
tap developer settings
do not distrub mode
oh i not disturb...i get it, dont bother me with sounds, simple right?
nope.  do not disturb is for notifications appearing on the window, and it has certain pre-programmed conditions for sounds associated.  so simple, i totally get it. :mad:
tap do not disturb settings...
tap advanced do not disturb settings

nevf, ill check it out at some point.  but i can no longer be switching around programs like before!!  ;D :(

-superboyac (September 11, 2019, 06:07 PM)
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@superboyac Just skip an episode of some mediocre tv show and put the time to better use.  ;)

with smartphones, things just gotta be able to sync easily and be in both places at all times.  I cant really stomach any longer having a desktop application like rightnote without being able to pull up the same info on my phone.  and that goes for anything else. 
-superboyac (September 11, 2019, 12:20 PM)
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Totally agree.  One of the reasons behind my two choices.


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