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Is there any plan to update to ScreenShot Captor ?

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Just asking as the last update was back in December 2018.


I actually have a minor update as of July 29 ready but I've put off uploading it until I add a few more features..
Give me some more feature ideas or bugs to fix so I can have an excuse to publish the new version! ;)

Hi Mouser,

nice to hear that you're looking for more feature ideas.

I remember some old ideas (but didn't find the original forum-topics):

* customizable toolbars, buttons for more (all) menu entries (my most commonly used functions are'nt available as toolbar buttons)
* bigger toolbar buttons
* customizable hotkeys for menu entries (functions)

Mouser,  I loooove the "ragged edges" effect, and wish there was a button for that - or a standalone application (commandline?) to apply it.
It would be nice to have a button just for that effect.
Or maybe a "repeat last effect" menu item?

@mouser: As a regular user of SC I'd like to contribute some suggestions for future/new features, but, quite frankly I reckon it's pretty good as it is. So, if if you've not been asked to build in new features and if it's not broken, then I'd not see much point in updating it.


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